Other events

vega.jpgTerra Incognita

Friday 30 May 2017

Prof David Rudrauf organized at the Flux Laboratory Geneva a performance around his work on consciousness and virtual reality with British Artist Katharine Vega.










Affiche_NuitdesMusees.pngGeneva's Nuit des Musées

Saturday 20 May 2017

In the framework of Geneva’s Nuit des Musées, the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences opened its doors at the Campus Biotech for a public event for all audiences, including families. Through games, performances, workshops and demonstrations our researchers showcased in an accessible and entertaining fashion the research conducted at the NCCR Affective Sciences.







Theatre du Grütli.jpg

Et moi, émois et nous! - Théâtre du Grütli

September 2014-June 2015

The Théâtre du Grütli of Geneva invited the researchers of the NCCR Affective Sciences to reflect on the plays presented throughout the theatrical season. Texts drafted by researchers are put on the website of the Theatre and are distributed before the plays. Meeting with the public were also scheduled throughout the season.



Lesamisimaginaires.jpgLes Amis Imaginaires – de la perception à l’interprétation

November, 25-26, 2011

Colloquium organized by the NCCR Affective Sciences and the Geneva Neuroscience Center on the occasion of Jeremie Gindre’s completion of the program “Artists in residence” at the both centers.









FeeltheMusic-colloquium1.jpgSwissnex  Boston (2005) – Swissnex Singapore (2006) – Swissnex San Francisco (2006 and 2013)

The NCCR Affective Sciences was invited to hold workshops by swissnex in Singapore, Boston and San Francisco. Apart from the talks by the members of the NCCR Affective Sciences, there were always other speakers from the universities and research institutes of the related swissnex city. These events are a great opportunity to make the work known to a large and influential audience abroad.

One of the major swissnex event was the conference co-organized with Swissnex San Francisco on “Feel the Music: Sound and Emotion” on May 16-17, 2013. The focus of this conference was the power of music to express, communicate and produce emotions (of any type), and its impact in everyday life. The program provided a multidisciplinary perspective on the field.




Build on your emotion.jpg

Build on your emotion (January 20-22, 2011)

The NCCR Affective Sciences participated in the organization of the colloquium on architecture and emotion. Researchers discussed with architects on the notion of urban space.










December 9, 2015

Sharing research with the public