Research Projects

There are fifteen research projects being conducted by single-discipline teams at the various NCCR member universities. There are also eight interdisciplinary “research foci” that bring together scholars and scientists from the various project teams to pursue common areas of interest.

The individual projects are grouped according to three different but overlapping research areas, focusing on:

  • the nature of the affect mechanisms, particularly elicitation, response organization, and perception;
  • the regulation of the underlying states and their manifestations; and
  • the embedding of affect in a sociohistoric and sociocultural context.

Computational Modeling of Appraisal Theory of Emotionscherer_c_0.png
Prof. Klaus Scherer

Affective Relevance: Nature, Determinants and Effectssander_c_0.png
Prof. David Sander

From Elicitation to Emotional Response:grandjean_c_0.png
Neural Mechanisms of Patterning and System Synchronization 
Prof. Didier Grandjean

Brain Networks of Emotions and their Influence on Cognitive Processesvuilleumier_c_0.png
Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier

Work and Emotions:semmer_c_0.png Experiencing and Regulating Emotions, Issues of Self-Involvement,
and Relationships to Well-Being and Performance
Prof. N. K. Semmer, Prof. F. Tschan, Prof. A. Elfering  

Emotional Future ThinkingPicture-305-VDLinden-DArgembeau-222.jpg
Prof. M. Van der Linden, Prof. A. D'Argembeau

Training Self and Emotion Regulation:fehr.jpg
Neurobiological Foundations and Behavioral Consequences
Prof. E. Fehr

Emotion, Attention and ValuePicture-307-DeonnaTeroni.jpg
Prof. J. Deonna, Prof. F. Teroni

Myths and Rites as Cultural Expression of Emotionborgeaud_c_0.png
Prof. P. Borgeaud

Contempt in Literaturelombardo_c_0.png
Prof. P. Lombardo

Power and Emotion Recognition AccuracyPicture-309-SchmidMast-222.jpg
Prof. M. Schmid Mast, Prof. D. Sander

Adaptative Emotion Awareness Tools for Computer-Mediated INTeractions (EATMINT)betrancourt_c_0.png
Prof. M. Betrancourt, Prof. T. Pun

Interests in the Making311-Clement-2.jpg
Prof. F. Clément

The Translation of the Emotions: from Greece to RomePicture-312-Nelis1_0.jpg
Prof. D. Nelis

Influence of Emotional Relevance and Sleep on Learning and Future Decision Makingschwartz_c_0.png
Prof. S. Schwartz